Educational Daycare Program for Toddlers

Energy. Excitement. Motion. These are the qualities that define a toddler and they are used in this program to power positive learning experiences. 

With plenty of room to move and explore, toddlers are provided nurturing guidance to develop physical skills and master emerging milestones. Toddlers in this program will experience:

  • Stimulating classroom environments
  • Exclusive Kidsville-based curriculum
  • Immersive learning experiences
  • Educational toys and activities

We address the specific needs of these active little learners and maintain a focus on five key developmental areas.

Approaches to Learning

Developing independence through exploring the world around them, and building problem-solving abilities.

Cognitive Development

Developing an understanding of their world, as they learn to think critically and creatively.

Language Development

Effective communication abilities are strengthened using sounds, expressions, body language, and finally, oral and written language; responding to and understanding others.

Learning to coordinate and control large and small muscle movements; building an understanding of health and safety concepts.

Social-Emotional Development

Developing an understanding of their own emotions and their relationships with others, such as family, friends and community members; learning to interact with others and developing self-awareness.