Our Teachers

An Exceptional Education Team

Every strong educational foundation begins with teachers. That’s why the teachers of Kidsville Child Care Development Center are highly trained, highly motivated, and highly responsive professionals.

It starts with a customized assessment that helps us select the most competent teachers and care staff. This validated pre-hiring assessment uniquely identifies high-quality candidates. To our knowledge, no competitors use such a tool.

We check references and conduct thorough background checks based on state and/or local licensing requirements. This includes fingerprinting and appropriate criminal background checks, as well as verification of educational credentials. Candidates who will transport children undergo a thorough driving history check and annual checks.

We do this to protect the most valuable part of our school:  your child.

Once hired, teachers complete extensive training that provides comprehensive insight on child care and child-development approaches, as well specific training to provide a deep understanding of our standards, positive approaches to discipline, and curriculum. They are immersed in the Kidsville approach and how to use its unique characteristics to promote classroom learning. There is also ongoing training, to ensure they stay current on all educational standards.

Our Teachers

Intentional Planning, Customized Curriculum

At our schools, we use the Cycle of Intentional Planning. Intentional Planning is designed around observation and assessment in order to produce personalized lesson planning specific the children in a particular classroom.

This process of observation and assessment, enables teachers to:

  • Meet the needs and engaging the interests of all the children.
  • Target emerging skills (or what children are now ready to learn).
  • Customize their lessons plans to be unique to each child.
  • Ensure school readiness for each child.

Plus, in every classroom, teachers are working with a shared set of research-based developmental milestones (from birth to age 6), to ensure continual progress for the children.

The Importance of Assessments

Building a strong foundation for any quality early childhood curriculum starts with accurate assessment. In order to truly understand a child’s capabilities, our teachers observe them as they work and play. These observations lead to true understanding of where a child is on their developmental journey, so teachers can create lessons to meet the children’s exact needs.Along the way, teachers also get to know the children in other ways—their unique personalities, interests, etc.—because they are focused on all the things the children are doing.With consistent observation and accurate assessments, teachers are able to provide lesson plans that are developmentally appropriate. In this classroom environment, children are continually learning and progressing in their development.