About Us

At Kidsville Child Development Center, we give children plenty of room to excel, in all our early education programs. Here, your child will learn alongside others, through interesting events, with the right materials, in classrooms and labs designed to develop and foster specific interests. The result? A child who thinks logically, solves problems, thrives socially, and displays exceptional strength of character. We prepare students for the next, and every, stage of a productive academic life.

Clean Safe Environment

We look Forward to providing your child with clean, safe, loving and happy environment in which to grow. Kidsville Child Development Center was found on the the principle that all children learn best through play.

Classroom Activites

Therefore, singing, dancing, reading, and free play will always be part of your child’s every day activities. Your child’s classroom will be filled with age appropriate toys and equipment that will allow them to expand their imagination and learn by engaging with their peers and teachers. We feel that one of the greatest gift that we can give your child is a love for learning; to achieve this, we will fill your child’s day with exciting activities that will further stimulate his/her development.

Convenient Class Environment

Your child’s classroom will be set up in centers, within these centers your child will have the freedom to explore and learn about science, math, music, language and technology. We want your child to leave Kidsville Child Care Development Center not only prepared for kindergarten, but eager to learn more about the would in which they live.

Skilled Staff

Kidsville Child Development Center only employs trained loving caregivers. It is our desire to meet the specific needs of your child, from a precious infant that needs nurtured, cuddles, and loved, up to a lively preschooler that needs to play, learn and prepare for kindergarten. You, the parent, are the primary caregiver, it is our job to support you as your child develops and matures to his/her maximum potential.

Open Door Policy

Kidsville Child Development Center has an “Open Door Policy”, you will always be welcome to “pop-in” and visit your child at any time. The childrens at kidsville Child Care Development Center explore their world through monthly themes, at the end of each month we have a cleebration to share what we have learned that month. You are encouraged to attend these parties and observe a;; of the exciting things that your child has been learning.


Healthy Meals

Here at Kidsville Child Development Center, we pride ourselves in providing your child with hot, healthy, nutritious meals every day. You will never be asked to pay for any food provided to your child, all meals are free. Between the hours of 6;00 am to 6:00 pm, he/she will receive nutritious breakfast, hearty lunch, and and afternoon snack. Each meal is hand prepared by a qualified cook in the center. A wide variety of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and whole grain bread are included in all of our menus. During your child’s time at Kidsville Child Development Center, we want to encourage healthy eating habits that they will take with them for the rest of their life.

Your Child Come First

We believe that children are the gift of god. We will do everything in our power to meet your child’s physical and emotional need, and support them as they mature and develop into the amazing person God has created them to be. Thank you for choosing to share with us, we are honored that you have chosen Kidsville Child Development Center to be your child’s “home away from home”.